Flakiness between browser and iPhone with widgets

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    Arduino Uno with W5100 ethernet shield

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    Web, iOS

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I have been having quite a bit of flakiness between the web and the iPhone. By that I mean that my changes do not seem to propagate from one to the other. I have a motor hooked to PWM and it is now working fine from the phone. However, the web would only allow selection of 0 or 1.

1.) Are both the web and phone UI’s generated from the same data for both displays. In other words, if I make a change to a widget on the phone should it be the same on the screen when i refresh the screen?

2.) When a new widget is added/changed on either, is there any physical change - code-wise - that occurs on the Uno?

We will be making improvements on this. As you’ve experienced, there are some sync issues. Hang in there!

We decided to keep widget changes separate. The reasoning was because the interfaces may be used for different purpose and screen real estate varies.

No physical code change on the Arduino. The change occurs in the cloud. The code that you initially flash on your Arduino remains the same.

Hope this helps!