Gateway with sensors migrated from TTN V2 to V3; not found

I migrated a Raspberry Pi based ic880a Gateway with sensors from TTN V2 to TTS V3. after migration the two sensors couldn’t seen in Cayenne. I got the message that the GW is offline. I did a new install of the sensors and filled in correct credentials - without success.

Now, I deleted the device (Gateway) in Cayenne and am not able to add a new one with the same ID: conflict
I logged out and in again but it didn’t change: conflict
Even deleting the browser’s cache didn’t bring a solution.

Is the issue still there for the sensors?

After a few difficulties I was able to add the Gateway again and data are coming in. But now I‘m unable to change the icon from „Cayenne“ to „Gateway“. Error message: Could‘t be stored. Changing the name wasn‘t a problem.

@shramik_salgaonkar Still no solution for this issue?

changing the device icon is not available now.

When will it be available again?

This feature wont be added to cayenne.

That’s quite curious because the GUI of Cayenne has this feature! You can edit and change but the changes aren’t saved.