Gauge Bug


On the web interface the value under the gauge changes but the needle doesn’t move.
I have the gauge scaled 0 -100
Works ok on the Android app
Anyone else seeing this?
Windows 7/Firefox


HI @tim2

I’m having hard time understanding, sorry. Screenshot might help?



Gauge widget is scaled 0-100 - but needle doesnt move from the centre postion even tho the value changes

It works as intended on the mobile app


Settings screen for gauge widget


Any ideas on this one - gauge works fine in mobile app but doesnt work properly in browser?


We will be releasing an improved web dashboard gauge experience soon. It will more closely follow what you experience with the mobile app. To be honest, the current gauge…less than ideal…it was something we pushed out very quickly. Will be sure to let you know when we push updated gauge!



Cheers! :slight_smile:


Gauge seems to be working in the browser as expected now :slight_smile:


Hi @tim2,

So we just did a recent push of some new features, including our redesigned Gauge widget. Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I’ll get some official release notes up here pretty soon. By the way, check out our LoRa docs and LoRa integration on the dashboard. It’s something that we’ve been stealthily working on over last months and finally got it out the door! You might find it interesting? See you,



Gauge works in the browser - but now the history graph is all messed up - data not even close to what gauge is showing.
Either “no data available for this period” message (in m and h scales) or data is so far from correct in the others its not funny. This used to be good before the gauge bug was fixed. Can you have another look please :slight_smile:

PS “Live” is correct!