How should a Joystick Widget Work?

We’re designing some new widgets, would love to get your input here.

  • What’s your use case for a Joystick Widget?

  • What are your expectations when using this widget?

Thanks in advance!


  • Here are the settings associated with the Joystick. The web dashboard settings would be identical to the app settings. These settings assume that the Arduino integration is already in place too :slight_smile:

The first thing that comes to mind is a camera gimbal done with 2 servos. So the set up would be access to 2 pwm channels with the option to invert the logic. A camera widget would be very handy for this :grin:

Movement accelerates as your finger moves away from the center of the ‘joystick’ icon.


The only ‘joystick’ I woud be using at the monet would be the Pi SenseHAT one and simply to act as direction buttons and a tap button (e.g. D-Pad but with a tap down as well).
Also as select/scroll buttons in a menu list sort of thing.