How to confirm incoming data?

Is there a way to confirm that data is being received my device on Cayenne? I can see that TTN is sending the data (I’m mirroring to an HTTP sink, but I don’t have any way to ensure that Cayenne is actually receiving the data and correctly matching with the device ID.

It would also be great to see the raw data that’s being passed.

well, you cannot see the raw data on the cayenne dashboard. if data is in correct format, it will be create widget and load data in history.

Unfortunately, that’s not helpful. I have data coming from TTN that is sent both to Cayenne and to an HTTP sink. I can see it on the HTTP sink, but nothing ever shows up on the Cayenne dashboard. What is my next step in debugging?

Is there a way for me to “scan the logs” of data coming to my devices, or any way to get a flag that data was sent to a device, but wasn’t decodable, or even a place to paste a payload, and have it verified?

they is no way for the end user to verify it. you can PM your DevEUI and i can check the backend. If no data is shown on the cayenne dashboard that means the data format is wrong.