How to show the running code

how do i show the code running in a cayenne project that was created by the cayenne gui?

@bmosier welcome to cayenne community. which code you want to see and give a little bit more detail.

I created a project with a couple of temperature probes that alerts me through text and email. I would just like to examine the code to learn more about coding.
I am working on a bigger project and want to be able to take that apart as well.

From what I gathered here you’re using the Pi agent? In which case you’ll want to specifically look at GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-Agent: Cayenne Agent but the link @shramik_salgaonkar posted covers everything from Cayenne that is open source.

Yes I have the Cayenne agent installed on the pi. I wanted to open the python script in notepad ++ to examine what it is doing, and see where I can add different things to it. I am a windows and cisco guy and am starting down the road of python and any help is greatly appreciated.

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Another route could be to use the Cayenne Arduino integration too. Lots of Cayenne Arduino code examples where all you would need to do is copy paste and then have some fun slicing and dicing the code :slight_smile: