How to trigger a script on pi 3?


you can also use trigger now, they are working.


I tried with triggers, but they did not run, so I deleted all triggers and made them all new, but with no luck. I can see in the dasboard that motion is changing from 0 till 1 and back to 0, but the trigger did not run.


there is a bug in trigger engine right now.


Thank you for innføring is. I will just wait untill i gear it is working again.

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Sorry, I sent the last message from my cell phone without having my glasses on, and the speller has tried to translate part of it into Norwegian. It should have been:
Thank you for informing us. I will just wait untill I hear it is working again.


@svein.utne sir, the trigger engine is up and running, you can use them now.


Thank you for your notification. I deleted the old trigger and made it new, but no email or sms when motion is detected.
But it could be me doing something wrong.


can you share the screenshot of the triggers.


i just tested trigger and everything is working fine.


When I look at my trigger is say run 0 times.
So the trigger never run?


has your two state widget gone from 0 to 1?


Yes, and back to 0 after some seconds


hi sir, can you give it another try now.


Yes, I will. I also made som changes.Now I start the py file from crontab.
sudo crontab -e
@reboot sudo python3 /home/pi/mqtt/examples/ > /home/pi/Desktop/Cayenne.log

So now it starts every time I boot or reboot the pi, but the triggers do not run.
The widges changes from 0 till 1, and back to 0 butt triggers run 0 times.


can you do some demo trigger test to see what is wrong. add a new button widget to your dashboard. next add a trigger to this button. if button is 1 then turn send email notification (dont add a sms notification). test this trigger out and let me know the outcome.


I will


When I push the button to trigger an email, the system goes offline?


Connecting to
making two state zero
Connected with result code 0
SUB v1/a7fc5bb0-e16c-11e6-a446-0d180dc59d42/things/2d4d4ad0-4fc2-11e8-9794-1f5f0ee2f68d/cmd/+

PUB v1/a7fc5bb0-e16c-11e6-a446-0d180dc59d42/things/2d4d4ad0-4fc2-11e8-9794-1f5f0ee2f68d/sys/model

PUB v1/a7fc5bb0-e16c-11e6-a446-0d180dc59d42/things/2d4d4ad0-4fc2-11e8-9794-1f5f0ee2f68d/sys/version

making two state zero
PUB v1/a7fc5bb0-e16c-11e6-a446-0d180dc59d42/things/2d4d4ad0-4fc2-11e8-9794-1f5f0ee2f68d/data/2

Motion Detected…
PUB v1/a7fc5bb0-e16c-11e6-a446-0d180dc59d42/things/2d4d4ad0-4fc2-11e8-9794-1f5f0ee2f68d/data/2

Motion Detected…
PUB v1/a7fc5bb0-e16c-11e6-a446-0d180dc59d42/things/2d4d4ad0-4fc2-11e8-9794-1f5f0ee2f68d/data/2

v1/a7fc5bb0-e16c-11e6-a446-0d180dc59d42/things/2d4d4ad0-4fc2-11e8-9794-1f5f0ee2f68d/cmd/5 b’z99uMrIqFJFt061,1’
message received: {‘msg_id’: ‘z99uMrIqFJFt061’, ‘client_id’: ‘2d4d4ad0-4fc2-11e8-9794-1f5f0ee2f68d’, ‘topic’: ‘cmd’, ‘value’: ‘1’, ‘channel’: 5}
quit button is pressed


can you share the code.


Yes, but it will be very messy with cut and paste from pi. Is there an easy way to send the py file to you?
I did cut and past here.