I can't Install Cayenne on my Raspberry Pi2 with Windows IoT Core

After correctly installed Windows IoT Core on my Raspberry Pi2,
I installed also Cayenne APP on my iPhone.

The device is found but in form where I have to select the Raspberry,
ask me .Username,Password and SSH.

by default are :
and in SSH ask me a number, but what I’ve to write ?

always this error occour…
“Look like you changed the password …”

PS: I’ve triied also to install Cayenne from IoT command prompt,
but with DefaultAccount I can’t do nothing

Does it even work with Windows IoT Core? I thought it was designed to work with Raspbian

@mtugnoli @tim2 Yep, Cayenne Raspberry Pi integration uses Jessie or Jessie Lite for right now. We have a task in our back log that will make Cayenne install portable to other OS, but has not yet been developed at this time.

If you can find a way to hack Cayenne to work on IoT Core then we will all be interested to know how :slight_smile: