I don't understand why my garage opener is not working

Can you guys help me solve my problem?
I had a fully fucntional garage opener, but today I discovered this app and I tried it, but I cant get it to work. Im using a 2 channel relay, but only using one. I set up everything in the website, but it does not work. I even set up the cables like in the relay tutorial, it wont work.
These are my settings for the device: Screenshot - 3869ca4b92ba5428368e9487d5f91c67 - Gyazo
What is wrong?

Update, I think the problem might be that channel 2 is not supported I guess, and i had to put it in channel 5.

Hey @nickbastos4,

Welcome! So channel 2 is one of the I2C pins that is used for I2C sensors. In the image, all the green pins are one that can be used as generic channels.

Glad you got it working! Would love to see the project in action if you can post videos or images to the ‘Projects Made with Cayenne’ category.



Thank you very much for your response, I make a video asap!

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