I need to track how long a switch is on using Rasperberry PI. How?

I need to monitor 6 zones on my heating system. Specifically, I have a switch for each zone and need to track how long each is on over the course of a month. How can I best do that in Cayenne? Each on cycle will last several minutes so accuracy of 5 to 10 seconds would be adequate for each on-cycle. I don’t need help on the HW connection, just the Cayenne app.

Hi @scott1 and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Have you added each of the switches as widgets to your Cayenne dashboard yet? Once added, they should provide a data history chart that you can use to view their past status, and you can download the logged data points as .csv. Then you could process this .csv file in Excel (or other software) to generate a report like the one you desire.