Inherit or import device panel


My system setup changes periodically. I may re-install Windows on my laptop. I may re-install raspbian. My router occasionally reassigns the Pi an IP address. When this happens, I have to reinstall all my devices on my iPhone.
A way to save the device panel is needed.
There are several ways to do this.
Import/export the devices to a file stored locally or in the cloud.
An IDE would be ideal for large system management. An editable configuration file would be useful for small systems.
Another suggestion : put the channel number on the device button, in the case of relays.
Allow grouping of devices indicated by a rectangle outline.

Allow re-configuring the panel on the web. By this I mean the IP too. If import/export of panel data is not possible, how about changing the IP. That would save re-constructing all the devices.
I’ve been unplugging my Pi at night. The router re-assigns a new IP when I turn the Pi on. This may not be a typical situation, but would this be useful in other situations, such as a power outage- a black out. A larger installation would benefit from easier re-construction.