Install and "old code"

On my raspberry pi B+, I have recently performed a re-install of the latest Rasbian via Noobs followed by update/upgrade. I have then set up a twitterbot taking a picture and tweeting it to my twitter account (timed using Crontab). I have then installed Cayenne via the terminal.

The Twitterbot seems to have stopped working and when I run the python code manually it seems it cannot locate certain cam related files.

Also, I cannot now connect via ssh.

Is this expected and can I not run these alongside Cayenne?

By default SSH is disabled on the new Raspbian distributions so you will have to enable it. As far as the Twitterbot sounds like you need to reinstall some drivers or files for it to work. If you share the code someone might be able to help with that too, but you might be better off going to support for their software.