IOS/Android - Widget for see temp without starting app or login

Is there any chance to get app widget for app at IOS - like ex. a weather widget? I am asking not because I am lazy:) but It is fast if I just want to check temp or I/O status. Before I found genius solution like cayenne ( for me very fast to realize simple project) I was using Polish very cheap and usefull board and see values at thingspeak ( genius app as widget made by Willice K - IoT ThingSpeak Monitor Widget ). But… I had to move to IPhone and IOS… - I am not so enchanted like others Iphone users, and without other things I had at android, widget with temp is at this moment this thing, that I miss android more:)
I found other topic so I am not asking,m but wille be nice to can put widget / data at website.
Regards, and thanks for so nice tool:)