IOT Connected Power Extention Strip - PI Zero

About This Project

Premise was to Design a IOT connected Power “strip” extension … and have the Ability to remote control / Schedule the Power Plugs , The Unit is Self Contained and the Power Plugs can be Manually Overridden via the traditional Power Switch

What’s Connected

Raspberry PI Zero , 4 Channel Relay Board - Break out to 4 x multipurpose Electric Power Connectors

Triggers & Alerts

No Triggers Currently , however Using Alerts to Confirm if a Power Plug operation is Scheduled


Project Includes Scheduling for Power Plugs

Dashboard Screenshots

Simple Clean Project Dashboard , Only requires 4 x Actuator (relay) actuators

Photos of the Project


Awesome project there :slight_smile: . Remind me of the hassle of Christmas lights - I don’t think you’ll be having that problem :+1: