IoT in a Box™ Sensor suddenly cannot connect to Gateway

Using the default set of Gateway and Sensors from IoT in a Box™,

Gateway Device & Model: Gemtek Indoor Ethernet Gateway

  • Netvox Indoor Motion, Light, Temperature Sensor
  • Netvox Indoor PM2.5, Temperature, Humidity Sensor
  • Netvox Indoor Light Sensor

I can connect the Sensors to the Gateway to an Account earlier.

But I tried to create a new Account today and tried to migrate the Gateway and some Sensors over. I managed to onboard the Gateway to the new Account within minutes, but I couldn’t get the Sensors to connect to my account. I tried to reset the sensors a few times but it doesn’t work. Do I need to perform additional steps to get the Gateway and Sensors working?

can you private message me your email_id

To the IoT in a Box Account?