Low Speed Sensing by DS18B20

Just using a DS18B20 (Waterproof Version) with Arduino Uno. Getting readings on my Cayenne page well but the readings are slow i.e. I put sensor in hot water . Temperature showing by sensor increased from 25 deg C to 49 deg C within 4-5 second.

I get the sensor out from hot water. It tool more than 5 minutes to return back to 25 deg C by sensor. Whats the issue . I also wipes the sensor with cotton after getting it out from hot water.
Please help. If anyone can suggest any fast temperature sensor (water proof for outdoor) , please let me know.


Hi @sandeep.hvpnl and welcome to the Cayenne community!

I don’t suspect that this is an issue with the Cayenne platform itself, rather that we’re just reading in the data from that sensor. According the DS18B20 spec the sample rate is 750ms, and our platform is polling for a reading every 5 seconds. You should be able to see the values passed in the platform if you check the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE.

Like you said, maybe just a limitation of the hardware (the probe is staying hot and giving that value while it slowly cools…)

I don’t know another Temperature probe to recommend offhand but doing some quick Googling it looks like you’re not the only one who has ever had this question. I’d check


and see if any of that looks useful for you. Perhaps someone on the community here has a good suggestion as well.