LT-33222-L Relay Output Pulse

Since firmware version 1.3, the Dragino LT-33222-L supports Downlink Payload Type 05 Pulsed Relay.
First Byte: Type code (0x05)
Second Byte: Inverter Mode
01: Relays will change back to original state after timeout.
00: Relays will change to an inverter state after timeout
Third Byte: Control Method and Ports status: e.g. 00: RO1 and RO2 to NC.
Fourth & Fifth Byte: Latching time. Unit: ms
e.g. Hex command: 05 00 00 07 D0
: Relay 1 & relay2 will change to NC, last 2000 milli seconds, then both change to NO.
How can this command be sent from Cayenne?

can you share the link to this?

Hi Shramik,

Share the link to where?

The options seem to be twitter, facebook and email. I don’t use twitter or facebook.


i mean to share the link of Dragino LT-33222-L docs which mentions the above payload here, so we can verify it.

The link to the manual is

page 16

Are you using TTN? what is the payload received from cayenne when you press a button on the cayenne dashboard.

On TTN I do not see any payload from Cayenne when I press the tile(Widget) on the dashboard. I only see the payloads coming from the sensor through the gateway to TTN.
I tried the Digital Outputs and the Relays. I tried both LT-33222-L units I have configured.

These are the settings for the relay. Are these correct?
Should the “Choose Icon” be a “Button” instead of a “Generic Digital”?

wait, are you having an actuator or sensor widget? Is this widget auto created?

For my second LT-33222-L they are all the default widgets, auto created.
I just tried changing the “Choose Icon” to a “Button” instead of a “Generic Digital”, but it made no difference.

okay, i got what the issue is here. let me check and get back.

Any updates on being able to activate the relays?

not yet. it will take some time.

A day?
A week?
A month?

it is what you missed, maybe a year.
just kidding, once we are able to track the issue, we will do the fix. but it takes some time.

Is it really posible to generate signals from the Cayenne desboard to the TTN network? I have try this many times without succes.

@anthony1 we have updated the codec for the Dragino LT-33222-L and now it should work fine. Remove the widgets that are showing as sensor widget and it will re-add them new as button widget.

It is possible. which device do you have and want to control?

The same as this toppic!

then answer is yes, it is possible.

Ok thanks! Maybe now after this modification? Lt-33222-l I have delete the old sensors and now they are changed in buttons exacly you told! Great!

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