Is it possible to integrate a Magnetometer sensor according LPP protocol?
The RAK7200 has a MPU9250 sensor:

Acceleration(g) of X,Y,Z: 0.02,0.07,0.99
Gyro(degress/s) of X,Y,Z: -1.61,0.45,0.71
Magnetometer(uT) of X,Y,Z: 28.65,52.95,55.05

But the Magnetometer is not available in Cayenne?
It looks like it isn’t LPP ID 114(0x72)

any advice appreciated!



what is your use case? the magnetometer data type is not supported.

The use case is to make use of the build-in Magnetometer available in RAK7200 GPS Lorawan tracker.
It is now send via 3 voltage sensors (input 9,10 and 11).



I was about to suggest the same, to use three generic widgets to display magnetometer data.

That’s not very nice to show on the dashboard as it is linked together

Same as the accelerometer sensor, all 3 are als linked:

the magnetometer widget is not supported yet on cayenne.
if you want show all the 3 parameter of magnetometer on the accelometer widget. Not the best approach, but does what you want (all one single widget)

Yes we really want a Magneto meter with 3 axis (parameters) in a single widget like the accelometer widget.
Can you arrange this?

sorry, but this is something that wont be done soon.