Missing Save/Cancel Button to Triger Section

When i try to add Trigers/Alerts to my Project Dashvoard, there is no Save/Cancel button on the bottom of a page.

I am attaching screenshot:

If I go to my profile and click to trigers and alerts - it looks normal and buttons are down bellow the page:

Maybe a duplicate of Scheduling & Trigger creation

It is indeed a duplicate of that issue, we have a bug logged now to get this fixed. As noted in that thread, the buttons are only missing when you try to create a trigger from inside a Project tab.

If you access the Trigger creation through the upper-right “User Menu” (as you’ve mentioned), or through Add New > Trigger, the buttons will be there so you can work around this issue until we get it fixed.

@ognqn.chikov @rau sorry for the late follow up here…this was fixed some time ago. :slight_smile:


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