Mqtt project with NodeMCU - can control but no correct respond over app

I have a project mit MQTT and a NodeMCU.
I have a temp measurement and a mesage, if a relay is switched on or not. These things are working.
Furhter I have two switches to control the relay.
If I control these over my Computer, it works perfect. (On - off - on … perfect)

If I want to control it via IOS app (from Iphone as well as Ipad):
I push at the button → it is changing the from grey to green and it is spinning all the time. The informations reaches the NodeMCU, relay is activated (PC is showing the same information.
But now, If I want to switch off (button is spinning and is green) it is not possible. Not changing to grey, not changing the relay status.

What can I do?

we are working on this issue. will let you know once fixed.