Multiple email messages

When I use the trigger (Arduino +WS5100) to send me an email, it send this over and over again until I remove the signal that caused the trigger. If I am monitoring remotely I would like to get one email only. How do I do this?
Also when the email is sent te message just nominated the input number that has been trigged, I would like to send more information like ‘HOUSE WATTER SUPPLY 2K TANK LOW ALARM’ how can I do this?
Peter van Dyk

yes, we are aware of this and working on it. but can you share the code you are using so if there is any workaround i can suggest.

this feature is on cayenne roadmap and team is working on it.

Is there any progress on the issue about the multiple e-mail triggering?

we are working on this. till then you can try a workaround. which device are you using?