MyDevices Cayenne, LoRaWAN



We are facing problem to find S76G LoRa Module in add widget, there’s available development board only for S76S, so my question is about S76G, is it supported by MyDevices Cayenne or not ?


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You have two options for that module

Option 1:
Please use following entry in the LoRa menu

Your device then needs to send data similar to Semtech Europe Mote
See page 17:

Option 2:
Select Cayenne Low Power Payload, and send data accordingly


Hi, Thanks for the information.

As you gave options i tried Option 2, because right now i can not purchased LoRaMote, and after tried option 2. I gone through all process in TTN for connecting Cayenne LLP and everything is ok but still then there’s not showing any kind of data on Cayenne dashboard.
so what to do next? any solutions