Netvox R718J2

Using a Dry Contact dual sensor.

I’m finding in between changes I.E Open and closed, the Unit is sending to TTN, but Cayenne doesn’t always display the change.

I’ve closed the link, which is turning the signal to 1. When i open it, it stays at 1. Even though i can see the LED flash and TTN reports communication.

What am i doing wrong?

At what frequency are you publishing the data?

At present every few minutes to simply test.

But long term it’ll be just when the control system alarms.

But what I’ve noticed. It’s a dual sensor unit.

It alternates between the two sensors. If I open one, close two it shows instantly in the cayenne. If I open both, nothing changes, if I then close 1 and open 2 it instantly updates. But at no point will it show both open or both closed.

well, that the issue, if lora device send data very rapidly then some are data are ignored.

I can see signalling is good.

I noted that if you close circuit 1 it shows as OPEN, the only way to show it as closed is to open circuit 1 and close circuit 2.

It almost seems that maybe the data is being incorrectly interpreted or the data is being sent incorrectly.

Its almost like a rocker switch. Rather than a clear cut on / off per circuit.

i did not understand what you mean by that.

It appears as the contact is opened (Circuit Broken) it does not show in the portal.

So if both connectors are open. the portal does not reflect this.

If i close either circuit, it shows in the portal, but when i open them, they don’t show as open in the portal, until 1 circuit is closed.

Another bad example coming.

If i had a door contact and the door opens, it closes the circuit, when the door closes the circuit is opened again. When the circuit is re opened, it does not show this activity.

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