NEW! Cayenne Android App in Google Play store



Android app is live on Google Play store!

–Cayenne Team

Want to test the Android App? (Pre-release version - March 18th)
After log in, stuck on "get started" page
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We have just released an updated build. The Cayenne app should ask you in-app to upgrade.



@bestes I had a problem where the app would ask, but it blinked by super fast, I was able to click it on a second open once I knew what to look for. Not sure if you want a separate bug report or not.


This is when it asked you to update?


Yes, the update window popped up, but as soon as the app saw my RPi in the list, (less than a second) it disappeared. I closed the app, reopened, and quickly clicked update before my RPi showed up.


I see, okay we’ll look into this for next update. Thanks for letting us know!



Will you support to handle without wifi, i mean, with mobile data to control your raspberry pi around the world i am not english so sorry for my vocabulary.


Just been looking at your app/software. It looks amazing, exactly what I need. I want to view/control the GPIO inputs and outputs on my Raspi from my android phone. Any chance I can test the beta version? And any idea when you plan to release it on Google Play?

Thanks, Graham




Welcome to the Cayenne community!

You sure can! The link is in the top post in this tread, or right here to save you some scrolling-

This is a link to the Android Beta file. Upload and enjoy!

Again, welcome,



Yes it will be supported, your Pi just needs to be connected to the internet.