Not receiving emails or texts from temp triggers


Will the triggers now work when I upgrade to the Agent 2.0? I’ve done a complete reinstall - but I still get asked to upgrade to agent 2.0 and the triggers still dont work :frowning:


yes triggers are working on agent 2.0.

if you have any agent 1.0 device on dashboard it will be asked to update. on your new device do you get the notice?


Bit of a noob - so will describe what I have done.

I formatted the raspberry pi sd card and installed noobs and rasbian. I updated rasbian. connected via my mobile iOS device and installed Cayenne. I set up a couple of sensors and triggers.

On the mobile device I see the raspberry pi as available (with the digital sensors I have set up). I also see a greyed out Raspberry pi as “Pending”.

If I select I can select a number of hardware options but I’m not sure which “hardware” to select - Which is correct ?

If I log on from my pc - I see the same two pi’s and get the pop up “Upgrade to Raspberry PI Legacy agent 2.0 required”.


since the cayenne mobile app is not updated it does not install the agent 2.0. you have to add the pi from the web dashboard.


ok thanks. I’ll use the ssh process. Will that mean the mobile device will no longer connect at all or is it just the install of agent 2.0 is cannot manage?

Have a good weekend


mobile is not update of raspberry agent update. so it wont work with raspberry. arduino and others will work on app.


Good morning! I reset my Pi3 to default and wiped it clean, then I reinstalled the Cayenne agent to make sure the 2.0 client was installed. I then added my 2 Temp (DS18B20A) sensors and i see them on my dashboard and I see their temps rise and fall when testing. I made 2 triggers one for temp above 25C and on fro temp below 30C to send me an email. I do not see the counters increment on the trigger page, I do not get Emails when the temperature fluctuates around these thresholds. I don’t understand if I’m doing something wrong or if they are not working?


can you share screenshot of the triggers?


Here they are. Thanks!


it looks like you have added two trigger for one widget. it wont work this way. delete both and add only one trigger to this widget,


Thanks for your help!

I removed both triggers and when I try to readd them I get “This version of Raspberry Pi Agent has been discontinued. Please upgrade to Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0”. I just just refreshed everything yesterday like I mentioned above. :slight_smile:


you need to update to the latest Raspberry Pi Agent 2.0


Thanks, but like I said above, I did that yesterday. I’ll do it again.


do it again and if it still occurs let me know.


Will do, and again, thanks so much for your help.


I went into the dash board and removed the old PI. I then used the command line to re-add the software to the PI. Once it rebooted My temp sensors showed up automatically on the dash board and show the correct Temperature . When I go to add the Trigger I get different values.



you can add the value in the value box.


I get ya, I just need to figure out how the 0 to 1 correlates with the temperature from the sensor. I believe the sensor range is from -55 to 125 (Per pic uploaded above from before)? I’ll try and use the old range and figure out what the temps would be for the new range.


yes, or what is the temp value you want to get notification you can enter it. example if you want to be notified if the temp has gone above 25, then you need to add 25 in the value box.