Nucleo f401re with extension board

Hi there, this is my first post, so please excuse me if I should be wrong; i have a Nucleo F401RE and its extension board IKS01A2; I cannot create a project, and then monitor the sensors mounted over this board, because, when I try to add my device, on the list of the ones supported I find only the extension board LRWAN1, there is something I can do in addition to buying a LRWAN1 board?

thanks a lot to everyone!

Hi, sorry for the late response. Have you solved this problem yet? It looks like a fairly obscure board but has an Uno built in so that gives you a few options. You can use an ethernet/wifi shield, or you can use a LoRa shield as you said in your post.

Hi, I “solved” buying an Arduino Uno with other sensors, I needed it for a university project and so I did not have much time to work it

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can you share your project with the community in Projects Made with Cayenne category.