Offline Notification?


after months (like 3) without any issues my RPI corrupted the SD card last night.
i have backups but…i had no idea.
I got my trigger texts this morning like normal.
When i went to my app on my iphone it let me set triggers like normal.
I didn’t find out my rpi was offline and dead until I went to hop in my hot tub just now and it was COLD!

any idea why i didn’t know something happened?



I have burned out 2 SD cards for less than a year. I also don’t know why. You can set trigger to get you notify when RPI goes offline. This is how you can know when something happened.


Hi @nitrogenwidget,

Did you have notifications set up to let you know when the device was offline that failed?


I did not know you could do that.
I just looked now and see it.
Is that new?
If not then my bad.


It’s been around for quite some time, but no worries. I just brought it up as an idea for how you might have been able to tell. I think Linux in general is just busy writing away to the disk (in this case, the SD card is the hard disk), and SD cards having a limited number of write cycles (even with wear leveling) can burn out.

If you search on the Raspberry Pi forum you can find plenty of discussion about this, and potential steps to take to reduce writes/extend life – this is an old one but a good discussion:

I suspect there are SD card models which have a better life in this regard than others as well.