Online Meetup - 03/24/16 12pm - 1pm PDT

Good to see you John!

I will try my best to participante… I will try to escape from work :slight_smile:

See how I go, as it will be 6AM and my beauty sleep is very important…LOL

I can send you a meeting invite titled “official business” if you’d like.


lol. I’ll see if I can push the next meetup back one hour…I don’t want to be blamed for messing up anyone’s beauty sleep.

Suggest… with the pre- e-mail ask for 3x Ideas / 3x issues if that is not going to overload but it would give you a bit of an inside feel for whats hot and whats not etc…
~ Andrew

Yes please count me in.

It’ll be 10 PM here, but I’ll try to join in too…

Interested in attending.

Great, I’ll send out more details soon.


Any chance you could make it like a Google Hangout?
Would love to attend but would have to be remote via internet.

Hi Ed,

Just added you to the group call. I’m using Join.Me. Will that work for you? It’s similar to google hangout.


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Join.Me is fine, thanks for the add.

Hi @bestes,

I can make it.

Is there an invite link?


Great! I’ll send it to you


I might be able to attend… link?


@carl.schaefer @kreggly We’ll be going over what we’re currently working on, what we plan to work on, as well as share some mock-ups of new features.

Sounds great. I’m hoping to make it…

Nobody wanted to talk. A bunch of shy engineers or what? :wink:

@bestes, any ETA on the Arduino integration?

As far as a simple bare bones IoT sensor, a Mini integrated with an ESP8266 is pretty ideal.

I’m also jonesing for a mesh solution similar to what Google IO put together in their labs (motes).

I’m going to buy some TI CC2530s and see what can be done.

For the Pi version, it would sure be great to start building some widgets around the Python Vision engine, SimpleCV. One could apply some filters from a drop down say, to do counting, or face recognition, or measurement.

Anyway, thanks for the presentation. Looking good.