People counting system using Cayenne?


Hello there,
I am just discovering Cayenne and it seems absolutely fantastic! I wonder if I could build a people counting system using the current supported hardware. The idea would be to know how many people are in a room (in real time):

  • With the door always open (so without using a door switch)
  • Knowing that people would enter and leave the room from the same way
  • Knowing that some people may be likely to enter at more than 1 at a time (easily avoidable if not possible)
    It might be doable with a few motion sensors but I am not sure as it would be my first project using Cayenne. What does the community think? :smiley:
    Thank you for your time, all these new possibilities are really exciting tho !
    Best regards


Hello Sir,
I have build similar system using a web camera and Matlab software. You could search the network and find some ready predefined software. Then you could just send the count to the cayenne ? Sounds achiavable?


I have a few ideas but nothing that is natively supported on the Pi. What device are you planning on using? If you use a Pi 3 you can scan for bluetooth devices (assuming you carry you phone with you at all times) and count/keep track of who is in range. This will require a bit of programming and using the MQTT API


Thank you both for your answer, it helped ! I’ll use a regular webcam and a recognition software for the POC :slight_smile:


I have a Pi with OpenCV installed that does face detection. You could also just do object movement detection and tracking.

…with BYOD, you could easily shift the count data to Cayenne.