Phone extensions tab location


Thank you in advance for taking the time to let us know about your Ideas. We truly value your input and discuss each Suggestion as a team. It would be most helpful if you could include a use case for your Idea (how it will solve a problem, or add to the usefulness of Cayenne as a proto-typing solution). Thanks!

Currently, the iPhone places an ADS1115 on a tab beside the GPIO tab at the top of the GPIO page on the phone.
Replace the ADS1115 tab with a drop-down extensions table.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for this idea / suggestion. The web dashboard currently has the functionality you describe, with a dropdown for the extensions.

So here is our reasoning for using tabs on mobile device rather than a dropdown, let me know what you think? …Mobile phone cannot be treated the same due to lack of real estate on interface and necessity to keep number of clicks (or I guess ‘taps’ for a phone) to a minimum. This is the reason for keeping extensions as a tab. Having to click drop down when navigating between extension requires twice amount of clicks as a tab.

And ideally a widget is created to view any sensor, or data connected to the ADS1115 (or any extension for that matter), which will keep you from having to go to the specific extension for viewing the data all the time. Does this make sense?