* Pi 2 Model B * Web, IOS, * Hi! When I connect an analogue sensor on IOS, an error appears: "ERROR GETTING INVITE CODE" and the Web is no field to select the Channel

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Screenshot: http://joxi.ru/1A5xbvbhnzWeD2

You need to set up an analog input- what chip are you using? I like the MCP3208. THAT is why you are not seeing “channels”- because a MCP analog chip “EXTENTION” hasn’t been installed. After chip installation, you will be able to assign analog inputs to specific channels.


This is a bug. The work around is to add your devices using the mobile app.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.



The greyed out ‘connectivity’ and ‘channel’ menus in the screenshot are because we’re expecting an Analog to Digital converter to be added to Cayenne first, which will then be selectable from the “connectivity” dropdown. Here is a list of supported ADC extensions: Cayenne Docs

@kreggly which part are you suggesting is a bug? I want to make sure I have tabs on it internally and I’m not seeing the bug here. :slight_smile:


There is/was a bug where you could not assign channels to an analog or digital unless you used a mobile app.

I didn’t read more into this, of course you need an I/O expander for the Pi.