Problem sending command: certificate has expired

Good evening,

I’m using a The Things Uno and a Dragino LoRa Shield with Arduino Uno.
Today, for the first time, and after some weeks using cayenne dashboard on Web and Android sending downlink commands and checking uplink data from devices, it appeared the following message → “Problem sending command: certificate has expired”.
I’ve checked TTN data right after that and no downlink was even scheduled. However, uplink messages are ok and cayenne dashboard is updating the sensors data with no problem.
I tried to send downlink manually through TTN just to check if there was any problem with the device or the gateway. The downlink message appeared in TTN data and the actuator did what it was supposed to do. So I guess there might me a problem with Cayenne.
Has anyone ever had this issue before? Hope someone can help.

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TTN’s server certificate expired, there is nothing we can do on our side.
You must wait for them to renew it.

It really looks like I just had to wait. It’s all working fine now, we’re able to send downlink again. Thank you very much for your reply!

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Jm, I had the same issue but exactly happened same thing to you I had to wait for certificate renewal.
By the way what is the program you use to decode the down link information for the digital bit.
Do you have any link that I can use as a base for my program.
I am using the TTN UNO, are you using the same dev board ?

The same thing is happening for me today.

you have to wait for TTN to renew it. there is nothing we can do.