Radio Bridge RBS301-WAT-US

Has anyone looked at adding the Radio Bridge RBS301-WAT-US (water leak) sensor support to Cayenne?

this device is not supported by cayenne. You can ask the manufacture the send their device to integrate with cayenne.

Thanks for the quick response. I bought this sensor from myDevices. To get support added to Cayenne, is this something that myDevices would do (assuming you also have the same sensor in hand already), or is this something that I’d need to ask the manufacturer to do?

this device can be used with cayenne sister platform You can contact with for further.

Thanks again for the very quick response. In this case, I specifically would like to display the sensor in Cayenne. This is for demonstrating/teaching LoRaWAN technology and all of my other sensors are already supported in Cayenne. So, I’d like to see if I can get the water leak sensor into Cayenne, as well, for consistency.

Is this something that myDevices could possibly do, or is it something I’d need to contact Radio Bridge about?


can you write about it to

Thanks! I just sent the question to

can you add the sensor as a Radio Bridge Dry Contact Sensor.

Hi, I can confirm that adding the water leak sensor to Cayenne as the dry contact sensor does work. Thanks for the suggestion!

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