Raspberry Pi install script expiration


I have some Raspberry Pi 3 devices I want to monitor with from the Cayenne dashboard. Configuring the pi is a matter of downloading a script and running it on the device (which works btw). The question I have is whether the script download link ever expires. The reason I ask is because I manage my devices using resin.io which builds a Docker container and runs is on the device. Every update I push to the device builds a new container and requires a new configuration (which requires downloading and running the script).

Looking for a sustainable solution. Suggestions are much appreciated.



Hi @timothy.sealy and welcome to the Cayenne Community.

I confirmed with our engineering team that the URLs do not ever expire once generated, so that shouldn’t be a concern. Please be aware however that each Pi install via these scripts has a unique ‘invite code’ associated, and while you can use that code multiple times for a single dashboard ‘slot’, you won’t be able to use the same script on multiple Pis at the same time.


I’m aware of the unique code per Raspberry Pi. This ‘issue’ is resolved by using a device specific environment variable for the invite code.