Release Notes March 21, 2018 - 4 NEW Widgets and Bug Fixes!

Nice to see some speed improvements to platform, and some new widgets dont know why we need them yet since major issues are still open.

1.Actuators dont work on mobile application (android), just from browser.
2. Most of the things are in total inconsistency between phone application and web/desktop
3. Schedules and triggers
4. Random dashboard resets from value to graph gauge display style.
5. When mobile application is started it shows - on widget for a dashboard values until it receives data from connected device, its not problem for users who send data every 3 or 5 sec but for us who send data in 30 od 60 sec timespan its kind of annoying.
6. New projects created on mobile application, dont show when you open dashboard on web browser.
7. Project and dashboard values dont always show the same data values when you switch from one to other until you refresh page.

Not so important just a notice last phone application update does not contain new widgets in the list.

Suggestions for improvement:
When sharing project to someone, if he opens link on his phone he can not view it because of play store pop over blocking it. It can be done by using view desktop site option, but not every one are tech savys, it needs to be simple to use. If they download the application they can not use shared link with it so there is no actual ussefull thing from taht pop over.

Remove that pop over blocking the shared view for smaller screen, implement something like a bar at the bottom for the link to application.

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