Remote Access & Web Browser


Ok, so… I think after trying like 10 different browsers I have a lightweight one that seems to work under this condition! It’s called hv3. You can install from your pi command line by:

sudo apt-get install hv3

Once installed, it will run with the command


You can make a shortcut for it, of course. Be warned that this is a minimal browser, not every last thing might work, but it’s behaving far better than all of the other more mainstream ones I tried. Hopefully it will allow you to access the website you need and copy/paste code and terminal commands.

The option that @ats1080s posted probably will work better for you in the long run – establishing some way to transfer text from your main computer to the pi, so you can use modern full featured browsers to do your work. But hv3 seems to fit the bill if you’d rather work through our Remote Access feature.