Requires restart of the application

  1. Device & model you are using: nodemcu ESP8266
  2. iOS, Android
  3. Hello! In iOS and Android, I have to restart the application to get the latest information about the status of the button. And if I press a button before restarting the application - nothing happens. Then I restart the application - everything works fine, about 5-10 minutes, and then I can not control the button again - must restarting.Whith chart\graph - the same trouble.
    Tested on 10 different devices.
    On a dashboard - working fine.

I’m actually not sure on that. The only project I monitor on my phone is one that updates every 10 minutes so I wouldn’t notice if it wasn’t updating. @bestes or @rsiegel any known issues here?

The Value display is working, But the button is not working after 5 minutes left