Reset Graph / Bad data?

I have a temperature sensor that was connected wrong and bad data (very large value) was sent.
Now the graph has the one huuuggee value and all the normal reading are on the floor.
How can I reset or restart the graph??


Regards, Terry King
…In The Woods in Vermont, USA

Hi @terry1, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

If you delete the widget via the gear icon on it > Settings > Remove, then re-create it, that should clear the graph history.

Hi! THANKS, I’ll do that…

I have indoor/outdoor/cellar temps monitored and a furnace control. About 10 hours electronics build and learn some Cayenne…

Info HERE:

Regards, Terry King
…In The Woods in Vermont, USA

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I’m going to move the thread to Resolved, but by all means feel free to keep posting here.

I appreciate your sharing the project! Can I ask if you’re anywhere near Stowe? I was there for a wedding a few years ago, beautiful part of the county, my first time ever in Vermont. I’m in Colorado and I feel like there is a kindred relationship between the two states :slight_smile: Boulder and Burlington specifically have a lot in common.

Hi rseigel,
Stowe is about 1/2 way across Vermont; I’m about 90% across (East) at the same Latitude.

I’ll check and move things to Resolved in the future.

Let me know if you’re in Vermont sometime and like Electronics, Arduino and Good Junk :slight_smile: