Retrieve configuration from updated device agent

Hello Everybody,
I wasn’t use Cayenne for quite a while (more than an year!).
I updated my raspberry pi agent and now I have new device added in the dashboard.
The old device is there as well. How to retrieve sensors and actuators configuration (GPIOs) from the old device, so to be able to config my attached sensors and actuators ?

Thank you.

i am not sure you can do this. i guess you have to start from scratch again. Tagging @jburhenn if there is a way to do it.

Yeah, I expect there probably isn’t a way to get that data back, though I guess you could check for a devices.json file under /etc/myDevices (or /etc/webiopi if the previous install is really old). That file may have been removed/overwritten by the upgrade. But if not it may have some GPIO info you could use.

You might also check the settings for the widgets in the dashboard, though I suspect the old widgets didn’t have GPIO or channel info in the settings.