RPi Logic, AND/OR. what am I missing?

Hey there guys, I’m new to the Cayenne scene, so far so good, and have IOs, schedules, tasks sorted but can’t find how to include simple logic more than If/then. All I want is if A AND B = C then … Is this not possible with the RPi and do I need to look to an Arduino HW solution? Cheers

Arduino definitely gives you the flexibility to write any code you like. Custom coding on RPI is something that is on the roadmap; as well as more sophisticated if/then and other goodies :slight_smile:

don’t forget

<, >, >=, <=, =, ==, +=, -= and DSZ (decrement, stop on Zero)

in addition to AND, OR, NOT, NOR, NAND and XOR

okay, different language syntax.
I was born in the COBOL era…
but you get my drift…

What would be even better:
IF RAIN = TRUE (via http://weather.com)
Do NOT turn on Sprinklers

If SUN is up then turn off lights…

Stuff like that.

…not original, but worth mentioning-

Cobol, that takes me back. All the to high school tech class. That IBM filled a room, CPU as big as a car, giant tape drives, hard drive with several platters and could be changed out easily(big as a wedding cake). I remember punch cards and tape feeding it to that hungry monster and watching the drum printer spit out results. Fortran? Tech instructor had a set of cards that some engineer worked out calculations that played a tune thru the transistors in the CPU. The speaker was an ordinary radio tuned into the right bandwidth.

Hey HighTech, Yeah that would be the stuff I’d love to see, Imagine the possibilities :sunglasses:, I torn between switching HW or changing to another appication to do my project, I like logic but am not much of a coder so loved the interface.

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Awesome, thanks for that reply d2b, I realise developers dont like to give out dates and then disapoint people, but it is worth holding out for the advanced if/then function or should I head out and start looking into Arduino alternatives?, deadline is the end of the year, Thanks again

am not much of a coder so loved the interface.
Ya, that is why I’m using it. I’d tried using “Home Assistant”, but it was like pulling teeth. I’m definitely not a programmer. I build custom estates.

to stay competitive with the leading “challenger”/competition-
(that would be Home Assistant)