Sending data after the serial command ESP8266-12E

Hello, I would like to send data not on a specific time but when ESP8266 will get a serial command. I am trying to do this like in the image, but there are errors. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

CAYENNE_OUT() is a function and cannot be placed inside another.
You can add the line Cayenne.celsiusWrite(1, temp); after the digtalWrite(led, HIGH); and it should work. Though make sure the code does not do this in the loop and publish data continusoly. if done you will hit the limit.

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Thanks for the help. It works! But I have a problem with one more thing. On the computer, it displays the value of the last data, but it does not display for two parameters on the Android app. Is it normal or I did something wrong?
I would like to know if is it possible for the charts on the smartphone app to show the hourly hour chart by default instead of the current one like it works on PC?

Android app:


on clicking the line chart, it will open another tab where you will have option to select hour, day month. By default the main screen will always show the current live data.

Thanks for the answer. And what do you think is the reason for not showing me data in the Android application?

delete them from the app, and let them auto populate once the esp8266 publishes data. they will appear as green widget. Add them by clicking on + on top right corner of each widget.

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Thanks for the help. This method works.