Sensors stop working when add 7" official Display

Hello @bestes @tad.dvor @adam
It is very strange, but when I add the official Raspberry Pi Touch Display, my bmp280 sensor goes offline. Just to note that I am using separate power supply for the display (Separate adapter to the Power Network).

Does somebody has similar issue?

EDIT: I found that it is not from Raspberry Pi Touch Display, just when the browser of raspberry is open the Dashboard, the BMP280 sensor is OFFLINE, but in the same time I have opened the Dashboard on my laptop, and I can see the data populated in the platform. Also last packet sent is a few seconds ago and it is works fine.

Screen from Touch Display, but the interesting thing is that the data is still populated (the values are changed and last packet send is a few seconds ago)

Video: Bug - YouTube

Screen from laptop:

Thanks for posting edit, now I think I may know what is issue.

I think it may be the browser for the Raspberry Pi (Epiphany?) does sometimes not play nicely with all of Cayenne’s feature rich web pages. Does this make sense to you?


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I use chromium, but yes, it make sense :slight_smile: Thank you!

EDIT: I have seen that the problem appeared to my laptop browser also, and again data is up to date, packets also. Just showing the message that is Oflline:

I am using latest version of Mozilla:

After reboot, everything is OK. I am still thinking that something from showing the dashboard to the Official Touch Display makes the problem. Please note that in the native resolution, it does not show the dashboard but a message for download the APP. I have to zoom out to see the widgets. Maybe this is the problem.
I hope after some time to have Responsive Design for better visualization :slight_smile:


The part where the website collapses to show mobile app buttons is by design, but I would like it to be improved a bit. In my opinion it collapses too soon, and an option to ‘request desktop view’ with scrollbars would I think be better than the current behavior. It would allow mobile users to have another option if the app is missing a web feature that they use.


I agree. Also theme customization would be good point in the road map for future development :slight_smile:

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