Signal processing library

Dear all,
I want to process signals from Arduino, and display them on screen. Do you happen to know any signal processing library for Arduino? As far as I’ve seen, there is still no such library in Cayenne.
Thank you!

Welcome to Cayenne!

Can you give us some more details? What kinds of signals are you sending?

Hello Adam. I want to process any analog signals detected by pin A0 in Arduino Uno. I would like to detect local maxima, minima, mean value and apply other processing techniques. I would like to do it on real time, as long as possible. Thank you!

you simply have to use analog pin of Arduino and analog channel widget of cayyanne but you should make calibration of maximum, minimum in code which you upload to arduino

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Thank you bilalmalikuet. How can I set the sampling rate of the analog pin of Arduino? Is there any signal processing library available for downloading?

What is yout requirement of sampling rate?

Unfortunately I don’t know any such library of Arduino, you most probably have to do it by consulting data sheet of microcontroller used in Arduino.

I need the sampling rate to be constant above 1kHz. I’ve recently found this interesting document, I hope it helps.

yes you have to change settings through date sheet it is also mentioned in link you shared