Simplify the trigger emails

I wish you could change the template from html to plaintext for the trigger emails. As is the html format emails do not display well on a mobile device.

Hi @b.andy.donnan, we are going to be opening up these emails for a lot more customization in an upcoming revision of notifications, though I’m not sure if we have plaintext as an option at the moment. Could you send me a screenshot of what you see, and let me know your mobile device model, so we can investigate and improve?

Here is what the emails look like on my iPhone, which seems like a decent-enough rendering:

Yeah, Pixel device and Google inbox. Tons of white space. Looks fine in Gmail.

Thanks for the screenshot. It looks OK (well, better than your screenshot, but worse than the iOS screenshot) in Google Inbox on my Android test device (a Galaxy S5) but clearly could be a resolution or other device specific thing.

I’ll share both your request for plaintext and the Pixel screenshot with our Product team, hopefully we can get one or the other in place, if not both.