Slack Channel? Jira? Opensource? Profit Model?


Hi Folks,

Do you have any plans to have an open chat channel? I heartily recommend slack for this as it is free and very useful.

It would also be very useful to know what items are being recorded and being worked on so something like Jira / Redmine / Backlogtool / etc etc would be a good place for recording work / requests etc.

I’m interested to know if we can contribute to the source. At the moment I’m hesitant to use the platform for anything else than toy use as I cannot seem to see where you guys are going with regards to a revenue model.

I’ve been burned before by the unexpected closure of various services e.g. / revolv / etc and it would be nice to know what the plan is before I commit to a platform or spend an inordinate amount of time integrating only for the platform to change in a material way (e.g.) becoming a paid-for platform.




Welcome to Cayenne!

I think a slack channel would be a good idea.

As far as the code, you can modify anything you want locally, but as far as the server side, obviously that is read-only to us. Especially with Arduino you will see we have a lot more freedom to get creative. I’ve only just begun to experiment with Arduino but it is very promising so far.

MyDevices has maintained that Cayenne will be free, but as you said, that hasn’t stopped other companies from charging later. We will just have to just wait and see. From my experiences they have been trustworthy so I would say there isn’t anything to worry about.


I’d pay, as long as it is reasonable.

I’d also like to see them become a virtual GSM service provider, so we can have truly mobile devices.

I wonder if we can get the Electron or the Core to work with Cayenne?