Support for Bluetooth 4.0 & BLE on the RPi3b

Now that the RPi3b is out, will we see support for the Bluetooth 4.0 & BLE that is native to the 3b?

No pressure.


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The Raspberry Pi 3 is the third generation Raspberry Pi. It replaced the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B in February 2016.

Crap, here we go again, I’m surrounded by obsolescence.

I’ll just add these RPi2b’s to the stack with the 8088’s, and the 80286’s, darn.

Good news is they don’t take up near as much room.



And the new A+ to come out as well, bit that’s a few months th down the line.

What sort of support do you expect as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are just connection technologies? Not sensors.

Great question- the same ‘no code needed’ drag & drop access to all things bluetooth if that makes sense.

Or maybe I was looking for an excuse to talk about the 3. :grin:


ANT+ sensors, EV3, WiiMotes, Wii balance board (Wii bits shouldn’t be hard as they are in Raspian by default, easy how fat am I display)

Err WiFi strength, key pressed on a keyboard?

I have noticed there is no internal device temp.

Convert to 64bit if Raspian see the need to move to it (cannot see why myself at the moment).

I bought the B+ Christmas 2014, a month later the B2 came out!

Got a B2 at work and it in for replacement, not had it long and now the B3…

So to get my moneies worth…
Should have B3 and beefed up PSU tommorow. Now just need a cheap usable Bluetooth keyboard.

My Zero just sits there looking unused in a pretty case.