Supported OS, WebIOPi Versions, and Sensors/Actuators/Extensions


Supported Operating Systems

  • Raspian - Jessie

Supported WebIOPi Versions

  • There is a modified version of WebIOPi that is installed with the myDevices Cayenne agent. Previous versions of WebIOPi are not supported.

Supported Sensors/Actuators/Extensions




-Analog Distance Sensor

PWM Driver

GPIO Multiplexer

Analog to Digital Converter

Digital to Analog Converter

-Generally speaking, any actuator that can be turned on or off.

DHT11, DHT22 Sensors
PH & EC sensors for Hydroponic
Bug Filed on 12-07-2015: Whoops I've broken the dashboard
Slice of radio
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Just tested my educational template for ‘Penguin Crossing’ (Zebra Crossing) that uses:

  • pins 19,21,23 = R,Y,G LEDs
  • pin 18 = Piezo 3 Volt buzzer
  • Pins 24,26 = ‘Call Buttons’ from either side of the street
    The default Pi / Rasparian Epiphany web browser did not work but IceWeasel installed from terminal on the desktop and ran nicely.
    Thanks !

(first) Questions:

  • What is ALT0 (presume initial state of Pi / WebIOPi pin state on boot ?)
  • Is the UART on the GPIO ttyAMA0 already set up or are the usual tweakes needed to the boot and Getty ?

~ Andrew


Hey Andrew

  • You are not supposed to see ALT0, can you post a picture and tell what Pi version do you use ?
  • UART activation is not possible from the dashboard yet, and still need manual tweak to boot and getty conf


Will do if I see it again… Suspect may be slowwwwwwwwness of things here 'down under’
I have a student coming in to set up some boxes for looking at things / gui displays on a range of OS
~ Andrew


Here is screen capture of GPIO from this morning.

Note the scattering of ALT0. Am I supposed to be seeing these ?
I am still having issues making any GPIO header pin DI, DO work.

  • Changing a pin to IP / OP state takes 5 to 10 attempts
  • Setting/clearing a pin is less than 1 in 20 attempts
    Plenty of pink “error sending command messages”

This and not being able to Add or setup a GPIO pin device for the last week or so. Should I do a reformat and start a scratch install ?

~ Andrew


@svazir andrew’s issue is related to SPI/I2C enabled in Raspberry Pi but not using it.
Would be solved by fixing I2C/SPI setting in the Pi configuration from the dashboard.


Just to clarify… So If I am NOT using any i2C then turn off toggle in settings ?
~ A


I would say there’s no need to touch the settings at this point :slight_smile: We enable everything for you upon install.