Termostat working with Cayenne

Hi. I’m looking for Smart Thermostat for heater on my bedroom that will work out of the box with Cayenne. I’m not programmer and I will not write code by myself. Is there some device images
wchich works with Cayenne dashboard that I can buy and just connect to Cayenne?

If you don’t want to program then you can go lora devices which are plug and play.

Can You tell me wchich devices I need to make that work?

here is a list of supported devices Supported Hardware - Developer | myDevices.com

I don’t see there aby thermostatic valves so that means there’s no devices compatybile with Cayenne?

well, one device wont do all the things until you buy a nest thermostat. You can add a temperature device and send its data to cayenne, then use a trigger to control the output device.

But do You know what models works with Cayenne without programming in python?

i am not sure which models you are referring to but the devices that are supported are listed in the link i shared earlier.

OK, thanks I will search something on that list.