Thermostat Maxsteel

I would like to create a smart thermostat.
having at home the photovoltaic, the heat pump, I would like to warm house in an intelligent and economical way.
example: if the sun is in the morning, turn on the electric heating or the boiler or if home consumption exceeds the photovoltaic output to disconnect the electric heating until nn exceeds a certain threshold

you got to find a way to calculate the home consumption.

I already have probes on the various electrical meters, I just have to create the code that allows me to do the various automatisms

can you share a link of the probes you are using.

They are normal dm20 probes bought on amazon
He lacks the language but uses translate

are you using a multimeter
i am sorry but this cant get you going to post on cayenne.
you need some sensor or device that gets to a arduino or raspberry pi and calculates the power consumption.

then i am using the emontx probes linked to arduino and then i put all in cayenne, but i would need to create an automatism

so whats the automatism you want to do??

As @shramik_salgaonkar said we will need some more information to help you like what device you are using to connect to Cayenne and what sensors you are reading. Searching dm20 on amazon returns a multimeter as @shramik_salgaonkar said.