Time Limit on EDiting Existing Projects

I am bringing in BYOD MQTT data from a Pi3 into a BYOD Dashboard using python / serial script. I then set up ‘share-able’ projects for 3rd party users / read only usually with plots, dual; trace and Min Max set up for maximum comfort viewing mixed with digital displays etc.
After some time the main MQTT Dashboard digital default page data layout appears on ‘messes up’ and pointer / gauge displays appear that can not be edited or changed back to the preffered basic digital display. PLots or random pointers can not be changed back to digital displays etc.

As per these two views I often find that NEW projects can be freely tweaked, tuned, plot Min Max adjusted…

On older projects or after ‘x’ number of days I find that the ability to change the type of widget (select box) is missing and when I try to make a basic adjustment to MIN or MAX on a plot I get an " Please fix the following errors: * Incompatible Widget " message like this

Is this a glitch or is there a ‘freezing’ of project config after x number of days ?
‘Rest Dashboard’ does not fix this

Could using one MQTT data stream / channel into Multiple plots be messing things up ?

~ Andrew

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